Yesterday I presented my “Distributed Events” talk at Visug. I had many interesting questions during and after the talk and showed some attendees a few links. Since it might be interesting for other people too I decided to post them here.

I’ll write a blogpost about the demo and post a link to the code in the upcoming weeks (hooray, vacation!), in the meantime:

Projac: a flexible and powerful framework/toolset by @yreynhout to run projections
EventStore: open source, cross platform Event Store (I used Ubuntu 14.04 for the demo) with support for javascript projections. It’s ships with an HTTP api and a .net api.

Other resources
If you want to experiment with Event Sourcing or an Event Store on SQL Server, have a look at Cedar. As you can read on GitHub, it’s under heavy development at this time. but I know first hand it’s being used in production. There’s a “Cedar” channel on the Slack channel you can join if you’re interested.

Since Event Streams fit very well with DDD and Aggregates, have a look at the Effective Aggregate Design papers written by Vaughn Vernon. It’s a must read if you’re into Domain Driven Design.

DDDBE - join our meetup. We organize platform and technology agnostic events in the evening and talk a lot about DDDesing, Event Sourcing, messaging, functional programming, etc…
DDDEU - An excellent conference. Hurry up if you want to grab a Blind Bird ticket since there are only 2 days left (at that price). It will be awesome, promised!

That’s it for now. Thanks to Visug for having me, thank you for attending or reading :)

Ping me on Twitter if you have other questions or remarks: @one75